session rates


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Text line only 323 813 7795

one hour

doubles are available

Skilled Pegistress :: 400:: up to one hour total donation

head pegistress :: 600:: per hour total donation (limited availability)

Two hours 750-1000

Meet :: Greet :: and play

skilled pegistress :: Call:: for (2hr)meet and greet Play session

head pegistress :: Call:: for (2hr)meet and greet play session

* all fees and rates are total and all inclusive. There is never any upselling or sexual solicitation ill be quoted or performed.

Tips are always appreciated but never required, asked for or trolled.

**Rates are non negotiable**


**All donations and fees are quoted before session. Fee must be placed in a discreet envelope and placed in an area where your pegistress companion can clearly see.

**Deposits are required at times and is left to the discretion of the head pegistress.

* Deposits are typically 30-50% and are payable by credit card.

* All credit card transactions require a 10% on top for processing fee.

* All credit card transactions are billed discreetly. please inquire with the head pegistress.